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[sticky post]Welcome to Nikolai Zlobin's Political Blog in English
Here you can follow my recent articles translated from Russian to English, as well as find links to the original texts. My Russian language LV blog can be found here: n_zlobin.

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Thank you! I love you LJ articles!

I am trying to get a copy of your book America - preferably in digital form and ideally in English (my Russian is not good).

Do I have any chance?

Enjoy your articles though you do seem to be pissing in the wind as the Russian system is designed to benefit the few and keep the rest quiet and it's pretty effective at that.

The only risk is that Putin's 'back problems' persist and grow until he is as incapacitated as Chavez. I can't see Medvedev lasting very long without Putin's implicit 'roof'. ;)

Hello Professor Zlobin

I am a former student of yours. While at Webster U in St Louis I studied in your class for Russia prior to the cold war and following the cold war(U.S.S.R.). It is good to see that you are doing well here in the US. I would like to ask how may I obtain some of you publications?

What are your thoughts about Putin's "perceived" disregard for the term limits which were established in the ratification of 1993?

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